Our Comprehensive Planning Process

Helping You Navigate a Path to Retirement


Successful outcomes are most often dependent on focus and consistency of process. Our Comprehensive Planning Process provides you with the framework for both.


1. Discover: We'll work closely with you to understand your goals, values, current financial status, income needs and the future you imagine for yourself.

  • We hold an in-depth discovery meeting
  • The focus is to understand your goals and beliefs about investing
  • We will discuss your current financial circumstances to better know you
  • Your assets, income needs, and sources will be identified
  • We will discuss your insurance and tax situation
  • We want to know the future you imagine for yourself

2. Plan: We'll develop a written plan or proposal that will be presented to you, outlining recommended income, recommended strategies and benchmarks we'll measure.

  • We will list your specific financial goals for what you believe is a successful retirement
  • A written plan with actionable recommendations will be developed
  • You will get an overview of products and investments to move you toward your financial goals
  • Together, we will focus on a giving you a clear understanding of risk versus reward and knowing your key numbers

3. Implement: We will select the tools and resources needed to implement your strategy and to help pursue your unique needs and goals.

  • We will select the tools and resources needed to implement your plan
  • We will work together to ensure you fully understand the financial plan

4. Monitor: We will regularly review the progress of your plan against benchmarks and changes in your life, and make adjustments as needed.

  • One-on-one annual or semiannual meetings
  • We’ll review your investments/beneficiaries
  • We’ll discuss and review your financial goals
  • Together we’ll decide on your plan’s updates
  • Also key is to discuss any personal changes that may impact your financial plan